Loading a New Document and Keep the Previous Soung Playing

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Hello everybody,

My document is full of Loop Player (a big mess), so i'm looking to make many documents to order them by duration and try to be more organized for a live performance.

But how can I make the sound keep going even after loaded a new document and then stop the sound of the previous document ?

I think it works with the Network Sync but I have no idea about the exact procedure.
If you can tell me what I need to check in order to to that, I would be very happy!

Thanks a lot!


Ross B.
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Hello Paul,

The only way to avoid gaps in the audio stream when switching documents is to run two copies of AudioMulch side by side. On Windows you do this by launching it twice, on Mac you need to may a second copy of the App to run two copies at once.

Network sync comes in when you want to lock the tempo/clock of the two instances of AM together. To use network sync between two instances of AM on the same machine use the Control menu to set one AM instance to Generate Network Sync, and the other to Chase Network Sync. Then press Play in the Generate instance and the play instance should run in sync. Swap the Generator and Chaser if you want to ping pong between the two instances.

Let me know if you need further help getting this working. I'm afraid that it isn't currently documented in the help file.

Also, I recommend that you use the latest version of AM (2.2.4) since there were a couple of glitches in network sync that have been ironed out in that version.

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Many thanks for the reply Ross ! You solved my problem !

And yes, on the 2.2.1 the Network Chasing didn't worked for me on Windows.

All is fixed on the 2.2.4, thanks again !

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Hi Ross,

I am new to audioMulch and am very impressed how it handles multiple file playout. Thanks for the neat trick above regarding multiple instances of audioMulch and using Network sync. This also answers a question regarding multiple versions of Metasurface. I hadn't realised that one can run multiple instances of audioMulch, so effectively by running multiple instances one has access to more versions of Metasurface (1 per instance) -- this opens many possibilities for on screen control for performance. Is there any neat way of switching between screens of Metasurface? I guess if using 2 one could spread the versions over 2 screens and have contigeous access. How many instances of audioMulch is it possible to run at the same time (Maybe there isn't a straight forward answer depending on plug-in usage etc).


Thanks again for a great program. Demo-ing at the moment and will certainly purchase.