Migrating from pc to mac

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It may just be a false alarm, but I would like to investigate about the possible weak points in doing this move.

in the specific i would like to know what the amh document born in a pc will be able to preserve when it will be opened on a mac.

Thanks a lot,


Ross B.
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Hi Luca,

"Pure" AudioMulch documents work the same on Windows and Mac.

If you're using plugins then the issue will be with:

  1. Whether all the plugins you use are available on Mac, and
  2. Whether the plugins correctly support moving settings between Windows and Mac (usually yes, but this is plugin dependent).


You do need to go from Windows VST to Mac VST. There is no direct pathway from Windows VST to Mac AudioUnit (aside from rebuilding your patches).

In general this works. I have tested it here and others have reported success. In a few cases you will need to make sure that VST plugins have the same filenames on Windows and Mac for AudioMulch to match them up. But 95% of the time this all just works (and it is not hard to solve if you have to tweak your setup manually for some specific plugins).

Note that there might be specific plugins that have problems but I don't know of any.


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this is what I wanted to be sure about.

thanks Ross