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Hi all,

I'm wondering if there's any way to store groups of contraptions to be recalled/loaded into other patches at a later date.

I saw some discussion regarding this functionality in this thread, but couldn't find if anything came of it:

Before getting ahead of myself I think there's some scope for real power and workflow here I had a quick think about applications for this (with some additional features specifically relating [selfishly] to my own workflow):

1) The ability to save groups of contraptions as an abstraction with inputs/outputs (as per Max/Reaktor etc.). This would allow people to create their own custom FX chains/systems and drop them into future projects.

2) The ability for these chains to then store preset files within them. This would allow users to dial-up previously stored settings for their own macros.

The reason I ask is I'm trying to use Audiomulch as an external FX playground for Reaper. Using ReaRoute I can send individual tracks out to Audiomulch, process them and then send the resulting files back into Reaper for bouncing down. I have template tracks in Reaper that I can recall that have all the correct routing to send incoming audio tracks out on seperate channels to Audiomulch, thus saving me lots of time. What would be really useful would be the ability to have macros that I can recall in Audiomulch to bring all these channels in, already routed to a mixer-contraption and then a similar macro to send them out again back to Reaper. I would then be able to load-up various FX macros I've designed and stick them straight into the Audiomulch signal path and back out to Reaper. Suddenly the software is operating like a patchable studio of VST racks and FX chains.

I realise that this user-case is possibly niche, but the thought of having a bunch of metasurface ready vst fx chains to dial straight into a track whilst I'm working on it in a DAW is... exciting.

3) Metasurface instances per contraption/vst macro (...sorry)

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I agree
was thinking about the same when setting up a multiphonic matrix.
It's like the supermodule concept in Eventide vsig editor.

Ross B.
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> I'm wondering if there's any way to store groups of contraptions to be
> recalled/loaded into other patches at a later date.

Right now there isn't such a feature -- the closest thing is running multiple copies of AM and cutting and pasting between them, which can get you quite a long way.

As you say, what you're asking for has been discussed. There are more recent threads about it too. It's possible such a thing will be implemented at some point in the future. Right now development is focused on getting version 2.2 out the door so I'm not prepared to speculate on "the future".

Please use the Feature Requests forum to discuss what you'd like to see in future versions of AM.



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Hi Ross,

Thanks for the info. I'll be honest - I hadn't even considered opening-up multiple instances of Audio Mulch for that purpose. That will definitely handle a lot of what I was asking about.

I'll move my feature requests/discussion into a new thread in the relevant forum.