Switching metasurface presets - help needed

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brendon bussy
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I'm trying to work out how to use my edirol pcr1 to switch metasurface presets, or even just to switch contraption presets.

I know how to map midi cc & note velocity etc, but seem to have hit a brick wall trying to get preset switching happening.

Starting to wonder if my pcr1 needs to move to a scrap yard. Or if I should be blaming the user :)

Any suggestions/guidance?


brendon bussy
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Joined: June 26, 2009

oops - I reposted to the correct board (hardware controllers)

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I have no experience with the pcr1 so I'm probably not the one to be giving advice here, but, I gather it is quite programmable, so if there is some way to set it up to send a program change (or cc) using an "increment decrement" arrangement (ie one button for pgm up and another button for pgm down), that may be the best way to control presets - especially a limited selection.

With that said you could use a rotary controller or slider sendng a midicc but that will probably be far too coarse for selecting a limited range of desired presets (don't think I've ever created 127 presets for *any* one contraption or patch).

And yes, I now realize I responded the the *wrong* post...

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pretty good answer though!