Is parallel execution of vst plugins supported?

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Hi everyone,

I've got several vst plugins, that needed about 5ms time to process the audio stream. The plugins do not depend on each other.

Because of my settings (256 samples buffer size and 44.1kHz) i have 5.8ms time to get the audio stream ready for the loudspeakers.

My current vst host starts all plugins sequentially. So the whole processing with five plugins needs about 25ms time (workload of my hardware is very low). I'm searching for a vst host that recognizes independently connected plugins and starts them in parallel. The result would be a higher workload, but also a shortened execution time.

It seems that audiomulch starts all plugins sequentially, too. Am I right?
So my question is, are there any plans to support a parallel execution?

Thanks in advance!


Ross B.
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Hi Michael
You are correct to assume that AM currently evaluates all plugins sequentially in a single thread. In "the future" AM will support multi-core evaluation of the audio graph and do what you want. I think Plogue Bidule will do what you're looking for right now, as do most/all commercial DAWs.