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Hi everybody,

just started messing around a bit with the trial version today.

However, when I want to create a file either by including a "file recorder" module or via "sound out", let my track run and use the module's record button, there is no file created.

Or more precisely, there is a file created. However, I can only see it when I browse files with audiomulch (via "Select sound file" in the module). It is not visible when I browse files with Windows. I tried copying the file from my Audiomulch file browser to paste in onto my desktop. This only yielded "File was not found".
Whatever I try, my recorded file remains invisible and inaccessable to Windows.

Any suggestions?

Ross B.
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Hi Soley

Short answer: it depends where you save the files. Try recording files into your Desktop or Documents folder and see if that works.

If I understand you correctly this is an issue with security measures in Windows 7 UAC and Microsoft's "Virtual Store" technology. If that sounds confusing I apologise. I don't really understand how it works either but I believe it's this "problem" also seen with any other application:

If you can locate the Virtual Store folder for your account you should be able to find the files you recorded there.

If this isn't enough information to help you resolve the issue please let me know and I will try to research a better description for you.

Thank you


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Hi Ross,

yeah that was the issue.

Thanks to Microsoft for putting my stuff somewhere unspecified without even noticing me.

Solved it now, thank you!

Happy holiday to you!