shortcircuit VST on audiomulch

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I have this program but just have no idea how to set it up. I can load the vst and a sample but I cannot hear any sound. I have looked at tutorials on youtube and it just seems to for them. Can anyone give me some step by step advice of what to do or why I cannot hear anything? I would greatly appreciate it. I have never used a midi plugin before on audiomulch.

I even tried other programs but I am not very computer literate to be honest (which is why I love the usually intuitive nature of mulch)

Thank you.


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Is the VST hooked up to output to SoundOut?
If you are using a controller make sure it's set to one of the inputs in Midi Input and Control, which can be found in Edit -> Settings...
Once you've done that, attach the appropriate midi input (1-8) which can be found at the left to the midi in of your VST.