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Hey guys,

sorry if this is the wrong area of the site to post this in,

Im just getting to grips with audiomulch and am using it for live performance, however im currently using loop players for everything i do, and when i wan to launch a vocal verse that needs to start from the beginning im having issues as obviously its constantly looping so its coming in mid verse which is an issue,

Is there a way to launch the clip when i want and from the beginning and it just plays until it ends then stops ?

Thanks for any help !

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Welcome to AudioMulch. You're in for some fun.
The FilePlayer contraption can do what you want, I believe. You load it with a sound file and it waits for your command. You can make it repeat, too, if required. It doesn't sync with the clock, but it can be automated to trigger automatically at some pre-determined point. It doesn't offer the ability to stretch a loop, either.

Oh, and there are there multi-track versions of this contraption available, too.