Controlling AM2.1 with keystrokes

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Hi all,

Can anyone help? I'm trying to implement 'Ableton Live-style' control in AM2.1, using my MacBook keyboard to control parameters (on/off switching etc). I've built a patch in Plogue Bidule which sends the keystrokes-to-notes-to-CCs but I'm a) having trouble getting it into AM2.1, and b) having trouble with AM in that it's using the keystrokes for internal functions!

Is there a way to remove keyboard shortcuts? Has anyone else devised a setup like this?

Cheers for your help - Tom

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i haven't tried keystrokes to control AM, but i've found the APC40 to be the most ridiculous mulch controller around. pretty much every button can be mapped to functions in AM.

I'm using the clip launch buttons for exactly what your trying to do for keystrokes.

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Joined: June 23, 2009

Aye. I hear ya! I had a Livid Block about a year ago but sold it... I guess I'm trying to recreate that kinda thing.

Cheers, dude!