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Hey Guys,

I am another one of those who have been inspired by Girl Talk and have purchased AudioMulch.

I am currently creating loops and various samples and acapellas to use - however, when trying to use these via AM - the BPM do not sound synced at all.

I know there can be an issue between loops with different bar counts, so to make it easier, I tried to use 2 loops with exactly the same bar count - however this was also unsuccessful.

Can someone please help?

Also, with various samples being different bar counts requiring tempo and bar adjustments - is there a way that I can preview the loop in headphones before sending the signal out through mains?

Thanks guys!

Ross B.
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So long as you have "Stretch" selected in the LoopPlayer then all loop players should be synchronised to the clock.

As for headphone out -- _if_ your sound card has a separately addressable headphone output then you can set up the Preview output to that in the Settings (on Windows go to Edit > Settings > Sound File Preview | on Mac go to AudioMulch > Preferences .. > Sound File Preview) . This will let you send the sound from the Open Sound File dialog preview/auto play to the headphones. Aside from that, you could set up an AuxOut contraption to send to your headphones output and then patch stuff in to that when you want to hear it (or have a separate mixer in AM for your headphone output).