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Correct me if I´m wrong, but didnt some old versions of AM work that if one loaded a VST it would show the plugins custom GUI by default? Where has that functionality gone?

Heres the reason. I am currently using the excellent live looping plugin Mobius, and using Mulch as the host. Now I need to open up the GUI every time and then rearrange the windows a bit. This plugin is a permanent bit of my set-up so I want the GUI active and , importantly "in focus" at all times. It has some functions that mean I can assign hot keys on the keyboard, but they only work if I have previously clicked inside the GUI, to give the gui focus.
Im sure that if the default state of a plugin could be using the plugins GUI, focus could be on that plugin at all times, so I wouldnt get this problem.

I am sure that some people do not want the GUIs displayed, infact I dont want the GUI to Stutter Edit displayed the whole time, but surely some kind of toggle that could switch between the default and the custom would fix this.

Or is there a work around... I dont mind opening the GUI everytime, but... how can I endure that its floating custom gui window gets focus?


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waita minute... I just found this in the manual...

VST Plugins can be used just like other contraptions. Some plugins have their own graphical user interface that will appear as their property editor. For other plugins AudioMulch provides a generic editor displaying all parameters and their values. It is possible to use the generic editor for all plugins, including those with their own GUI. This can be selected by right-clicking on the contraption editor title bar and selecting Generic Editor. This may be of particular use when trying to manage screen real estate or when a VST plugin's custom GUI is causing problems within Mulch.

..BUT!! Its not happening in my version? That is 2.04. Im sure there is a newer version, but I dont generally upgrade if im happy.. and Im happy with this version!!! Is it time to upgrade? Or is it somehow hidden in my version?


Ross B.
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Hi Mark

I'm guessing you're on OSX now?

At the moment, the custom VST plugin window hosting on OSX requires that I use floating windows for VST plugins -- otherwise there are major compatibility issues with some plugin GUIs. I'm not happy about the situation but it's how things are on OSX at the moment. I have yet to find a viable solution to the problem. Unfortunately AM2.1.1 works the same way.

The manual is incorrect and I'll make sure some kind of explanation is included in a future revision.

Although I would like to fix the problem properly I have been considering adding some kind of interim fix that at least makes the situation more palatable. Am I correct in saying that you'd be happier if AM remembered that the floating plugin windows were visible/hidden and what their previous locations were?