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I've downloaded the free trial on hopes of really mixing up my samples & a acapella's like girl talk. It doesn't let me do anything except patch my files. When I try to play them there extremely fast, I lowerd the tone but it still doesn't sound/match up with the music. I've watched dozens of vids on YouTube & I wondering is the reason why I'm not getting the best results is because it's not the full version? What am I doing wrong here? I don't understand!

When I heard that girl talk uses audiomulch I ran to go download, I'm wondering, how does he do it with you guys program. Is there something I'm missing because I just can't get it to work the way I've seen others use it.

I'm also seeing a different platform than when I downloaded it. The properties tap is under the patcher for some reason.

chapelier fou
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Basically you need to edit your sounds before. These pitch problems are totally normal. It's a matter of ratio between pitch and BPM. Have you ever tried mixing on vinyl desks ? Same thing. No magic.

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No but I got my samples/sounds from audacity & saved as wav. There just not syncing/playing the way it's suppose to be. When I'm playing the 2 loop players their always both off, one is always too fast. I can't get bars to be the same, when I uncheck the "stretch" that's when they play at regular speed.

I even lowered the tempo, it's set at 140.0

My Loop player settings says: length, bars, phase, mute, stretch, & x

All I wan a do it play my songs like GirlTalk, can you help?

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Hi Izzy - the trial version is the full version for the first 60 days of use. Also, have you had a look at the Help File to answer your questions? When you have the program open, hit F1 to see the file. Hope this helps - unfortunately I can't answer the specifics of your question...