Integrating Audiomulch with Live

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I know you are not able to re-wire the two applications, but is it possible to transfer audio from one to the other? I was looking for a new sound design tool, and mulch looks to fit the bill (drone, ambient, noise). I was hoping to create some ideas in mulch, and then transfer the audio into Live. Is it possible? On another topic, I was hoping to run the audio from mulch, out to some guitar pedals. Can audiomulch let me do this? Thanks for any feedback.

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You could render your audio mulch ideas to .wav files then bring them into live as clips...

Ross B.
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The two main ways to get sound files out of AM (so you can import them into Live or whatever) are:
- Record to file with SoundOut or FileRecorder contraptions
- Choose Export to Sound File... from the File menu

There are also things like VAC (Windows) and JACK (OSX) that will let you route audio between applications in real-time.

You can use the AuxIn and AuxOut contraptions to route sends and returns to your guitar pedals (assuming you have a multichannel sound card).