How are you using Audiomulch

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Joined: December 1, 2010

Just picked it up today. Very excited. I just wanted to know, what way people are using the software? Is there sound generators in the software? Or are people just making patches from samples, or field recordings etc.. Is it possible to transfer wavs from Live, or Logic into Audiomulch? e.g. a loop from Live, exported as a wav, and put into Audiomulch. I'm not talking about actual projects, or songs. Thanks for any feedback.

Azul Baroniss
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Joined: December 22, 2009

It seems everyone uses it differently, becuase with AM you can do everything. =)

If you wanna check out my music on ull see many of the sounds are highly compressed.
Compression and fine control is really what matters anymore when making this kinda music. I divide compression of sound into 3 categories, volume overblowing, side chaining, and clipping (with minimal feedback). Balancing everything is a matter of fine control of variables you know youll need.
Samples I use nasty overdrive kicks, as well as analog, and weird sounds to mix among the kicks basically anything.
The possibilites are endless, mixing under heavy conditions like that is fun like hell, because you can never exactly predict the outcome of what you do. Small changes to an EQ can make huge differences.

I couldnt live without the Drums, Southpole is inevitable, mainy I use phasers, flangers, PulseComb, frequencyshifter and Shaper to fatten up the sound.

Did you every try automating the delay times within an SDelay, while keeping the feedback really high?

regards, Azul