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I'm considering purchasing audiomulch, but there's a problem, my download says it's evaluation, but everything seems to work with tricky bugs, like the patcher window seperating from the other windows, and the sound recording putting live sound into the out rather loud but recording really low...If these are limitations I am more than happy to pay for the software, but if I've missed something--i'm patching aux in to a file recorder and file recorder to an aux out, to put it very simply. I don't know, i may be going heels over head in this program. But i'm eager to previous experiences with puredata should help some (about the puredata, I just lost the programming inspiration.)



Ross B.
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Hello Mr Probable

there are no specific limitations of the demo version until the trial period expires.

With the un-docked patcher window, you can dock it back in to the main window by dragging it over the left edge of the main window (or any other edge for that matter).

It's hard to say what's happening with your recordings but you should use Gain contraptions or a Mixer contraption to balance the levels between your sounds. You can also enable level indicators in the patcher using View > Show Contraption Input/Output Activity Indicators which should give you a better feel for the output levels of each contraption.

Hope that helps