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I have been playing around with Audio Mulch for a second now and I must say its quite the nifty program. However currently I am facing a dilemma with setting up samples to end at specific points
In my current mash up - I have a Beirut sample, a Born Ruffians Sample , a random lady screaming and a Jay-Z acapella .
Is it possible with Audio Mulch rather than having the sounds continuously loop , end instead at specify points the a user wanted. So could I have Born Ruffians guitar riff play from 1: 30 to 1: 45 and then for example a Jay-z Acapella to follow next for 1:45- 1:55.

Any help is appreciated , and pardon my ignorance if the answer to my question is totally obvious.


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I think this might be what you're looking for...


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This is where Mulch needs a waveform display on its FilePlayers with adjustable start and end points.
The less one has to use Automation the better, I believe.