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Hi there.

I'm seeking some advice on synching the MIDI clocks of Audiomulch and Renoise together, prefably with Renoise being the 'master'.

I presume this is very much possible, due to the popularity of having Ableton married with a myriad of other software.

If you plan to reply, please start from the basics. Is another program required to be run concurrently to complete this?


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Good choice on 2 very good softwares that compliment each other beautifully.

You will need a third party software to achieve a virtual midi connection. I suggest this one which is free (just download at the bottom of the download page)

The rest is real easy and simple though I have not tried this with both softwares nor do I have any of them set up on this computer to make sure it works but I know doing renoise works as a master/slave just make sure and select loopbe1 as midi (clock?) output /input respectively in the settings for both programs.

Just fiddle with the settings and you should get it working..I hope that helps.

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That has worked perfectly!

Now I can have my patterns running through on Renoise, and live sound manipulation within the metasurface in Audiomulch.


Thank you kindly.