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okay. i can use vst instruments on my virtual keyboard. i can hear them fine but what i dont know how to do is record them and use them in audiomulch or something like that. do i click on something in audiomulch or the on the keyboard and if so then what do i press? in case u need to know i have windows 7, i use maple midi device and i have midiox controller thingy.all i want to do is record them or somethig and use the tunes as songs or something. can i record the tune as wav and use it in the file player or something ? what do i do ?

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u need to connect a file recorder contraption to the end of your signal chain or set up your Automation>>> then render. Although, because there is no midi editor/sequencer you cant write parts for your synths or other VSTi's.

As it currently stands, AM is very much a tool for live performance and is to be taken with a grain of salt if you are after a fully equipped alternative to other "go to woah" applications. AM is NOT a DAW.

VST sequencers such as TEMPER can be dragged into the signal chain as VST so as to write parts for your VSTi's, and other options are out there too. Check KVR or one of the myriad of sites that offer you cool plugs and stuff.