I would to do a simple thing :)

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Hi !

First, thanks about this really fun piece of software. It is really easy to make a nice improv, and easy to control it !

But... I would to do a simple thing, or maybe twice.

1 -

How can I modulate an oscillator with an enveloppe ? Not the amp, but the tune.

I don't like samples modules, and on Audiomulch it's hard to make good-sounding percs. Capabilities of this software are endless, but whithout this.... :(

I tried to make oscillator-based percussions with eight testgens thru eight southpoles... But it isn't easy to control ! If I want to change the sequence, I must stop and sequence individually with my mouse. I can't push a button to switch :(

Does somebody have a better idea ?

"Use a VST" is not a better idea ; I would like do keep an "all native" setup.

2 - Uh, actually, there is no 2. I forgot. Maybe I'll remember this later ^^

Big thanks !

Ross B.
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The way I would do it is to turn the resonance up to full on the SouthPole and use the self-oscillating filter as an envelope controlled oscillator.

But really if you want to do low level synthesis you might want to consider using Reaktor or some other program instead of AM.


Blur Box
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Hey Noeid,

There is an easier way to control eight Southpoles:

Make eight short wav. files each set to a specific tone (ie. 100hz, 200hz, 300hz, etc.) To accomplish this you can use one Testgen to set the pitch and one Southpole to curve the amplitude, and export them individually.

Load the eight tones into Drums.

Now set up eight MParaEQs and set each one to correspond with one of your eight sampled tones by cutting out all the frequencies except the tone they're meant to correspond to.

Now route Drums mono out to each of your MParaEQs and your MparaEQs mono out to the side-chain inputs of your eight Southpoles.

Set the Southpoles envelopes controlling volume to 'Side Chain Trigger', mess with your thresholds a bit and you've got eight Southpoles controlled by the Drums sequencer.

Also you can use a RissetTones a bit like a pitch envelope, or two note can be tied together using Baseline to achieve a similar effect.

I have found the results of this setup to be very pleasing.

I hope this helps.